The Ford F-150 Simplifies Commuting Tasks

The new Ford F-150 has practical features that make demanding jobs easier. One of the standout technologies is the strategically-placed LCD screen because it displays towing information and fuel economy. If you need a truck that has tools for hauling, parking, and general cruising, you'll benefit from investing in the F-150.

This truck's main technologies provide perks during daily driving routines. The 360-degree camera is a great safety solution since it helps a driver scan the surroundings. If certain conditions make driving challenging, FordPass Connect can provide benefits as it has many useful tools.

Junge Ford Center Point is a reputable business that sells all of the latest vehicles by Ford. At our dealership, you can arrange a test drive in the Ford F-150. We make the process of learning about key technologies simple by breaking down the benefits during test drives. Our Ford sales representatives will explain technology features, performance specifications, and trim packages with you when you come for a drive.



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