Stay On Track in the Ford Ranger

We here at Junge Ford Center Point are very excited to show off the all-new Ford Ranger. This new mid-sized pickup truck is a modern masterpiece that's designed to keep you safe on the road. It's available with advanced safety technology that can assist you on your journeys across town and beyond.

The Ranger is available with an innovative Lane-Keeping system. Cameras and sensors are used to keep track of the road ahead of you. The equipment is smart enough to read the lane markings and determine where you lie within them. If you start to drift into the next lane, the Ranger will use alerts to get you back on track. It can even tell you when you need to take a break for safety.

Another great feature is the Adaptive Cruise Control system. It uses those same sensors to watch traffic on the highway. You can set the speed you want to go and how far away you want to stay from the car ahead of you. The Ranger will automatically adjust speed to follow the flow of traffic.



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