Putting Safety First: Ford Co-Pilot360

We here at Junge Ford Center Point are excited about Ford Co-Pilot360, the most advanced dynamic suite of driver-assist technologies available on the market. The suite is now standard on roughly 90 percent of all new Ford models, and with good reason. Here are two features of the suite we really like.

Ford's rear view camera supplements the rear view mirror, sending video to an in-dash screen. The rear view camera provides a view of what is directly behind you, especially at the level of the rear window and lower. The view helps you reverse and backup more carefully, preventing accidental collisions with unforeseen objects that are too low for your rear view mirror.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) kicks in to prevent collisions with vehicles in front of a Ford vehicle. AEB goes hand-in-hand with pre-collision assist/pedestrian detection, a system that detects vehicles or pedestrians who cross in front of the Ford vehicle in question. Pedestrian detection results in flashes and warning sounds, and AEB deploys when a driver fails to stop in response to the flashes and warning signs.



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