Ford Super Duty is a Top-Notch Pickup Truck

When you think of Ford tough, the Super Duty is the first thing that comes to mind. However, this year Ford made it even tougher. They improved the engineering so that it is the most reliable truck in its class.

One of the ways that Ford improved the Super Duty was to add extra steel to the chassis and braking system. The chassis now has a frame with 10 cross members, creating a stiff frame that will not flex under load. They also added a heavy aluminum alloy body that resists dents and minor damage. The aluminum body and wheels are rust resistant and will last for many years. These are only a few of the enhancements that Ford made to its best-selling line of trucks.

If it is time for an upgrade, it is time to stop by Junge Ford Center Point today to test drive the Super Duty.



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