What is a Transfer Case?

If you enjoy taking your four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle out on off-road adventures, it’s recommended to keep up with routine maintenance on the transfer case. It houses the gears that give you the ability to shift from two-wheel to 4WD. You’ll find it behind the transmission.

If you have a later model vehicle, you’ll need to manually shift the lever to change the drive. Newer models, however, are equipped with the auto recognition that does the job for you when it determines that the terrain requires 4WD. Either way, changing to 4WD changes the speed of the tires, so they’re synchronized to move together at the same speed. This action slows the vehicle down but provides needed traction.

When you notice oil leaks, it could indicate that the seals have worn out, and it may be time for service. The mechanics in our service center at Junge Ford Center Point is here to assist you with your questions - plan your visit today!

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